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  • By Niklas Eriksson
  • Published on January 13

At you can search for tech jobs in the US and in some European countries. Our mission is to gather tech jobs from all over the world and help candidates find and search new jobs at interesting companies.

In the US there are some great tech hubs in San Fransisco (California), Dallas (Texas), Charlotte (North Carolina), Huntsville (Alabama) and Seattle (Washington). In Europe you can find jobs in the major tech cities for example: Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Many jobs are also remote so basically you can work from anywhere in the world. 

At we are focusing only on jobs in the Tech industry for example within:







Different types of occupations that you will find on is:

·      Software developer

·      Full stack developer

·      Backend developer

·      Frontend developer

·      Data scientist

·      Cyber security specialist

·      Data analyst

·      Test manager

·      Network specialist

·      And many many more.

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