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  • By Susmita Saha, System Developer
  • Published on January 27

The pharmacy tech field is growing expeditiously, and there are many opportunities available for those who want to enter the pharmacy tech industry. Pharmacy technician is an immense career for those looking to help people and work in a medical environment.

A Pharmacy Technician assists pharmacists in providing quality pharmaceutical care to all patients by performing technical duties in the pharmacy department, working under the direct supervision of the pharmacist or/and the Technician supervisor.

Both Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are highly trained professionals who guarantee the effective functioning of pharmacies and ensure patients receive the correct medication. They work together to provide patients with correct prescriptions and instructions.

Pharmacy Tech Education and Qualifications

The most significant difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician is the intensity of their educational training. Depending on the state, pharmacy technicians typically take around a year or less to complete their study while pharmacists must take at least 6 years to complete.

To be nationally licensed as a pharmacy technician, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) requires:

·     High School diploma or equivalent educational diploma (GED or foreign diploma)

·     Passing score on the pharmacy technician certification Exam (PTCE).

·     Compliance with all applicable PTCB certification policies.

·     Full disclosure of all criminal and State Board of Pharmacy registration or licensure actions.

·     Previous experience as a Pharmacy Technician.

·     Effective computer and keyboard skills.

·     Working knowledge of pharmacy information systems.

·     Strong communication skills, both written and oral.

·     Creating a safe, effective environment.

·     Quality focus.

·     Finally, an interest in helping people and improving people’s health.

Becoming a pharmacy technician is not particularly difficult. There are several ways to obtain the necessary training and certification, including online programs and apprenticeship programs. The PTCB offers an assessment exam that can be taken at any Pearson Vue testing center.

What are the responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians?

As a pharmacy technician, you must be detail-oriented and reliable with high responsibilities such as:

·     Greet customers and answer their questions.

·     Read and interpret physician's medication orders and check their validity.

·     Select the appropriate medicine and measure dosages to fill prescriptions.

·     Dispensing medication to patients per the prescription, or provider’s orders.

·     Maintains pharmacy inventory by checking pharmaceutical stock to determine inventory level, anticipating needed medications and supplies, placing, and expediting orders, verifying receipts, and removing outdated drugs.

·     Processing insurance claims.

·     Maintains a safe and clean pharmacy by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

Employment, and Salary expectations

The USA has much to offer in terms of career growth and benefits for pharmacists and a solid salary package. Pharmacists in the USA are well paid and are provided with extensive benefits by American Pharmacists Association (APHA) for example health plans insurance membership, etc., to increase the health and financial wellness of the pharmacist and their families.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016), the job outlook for pharmacy technicians is bright. Job growth is expected to increase 12 percent faster than average. Almost 50,000 pharmacy technician jobs are expected to be added between 2016-2026.

In 2016, the median national salary for pharmacy technicians was $31,750 annually, with an average hourly rate of $15.26. Entry-level positions may start at around minimum wage, while experienced technicians earn up to $50,000 annually.
Whereas the average pharmacist’s salary in the United States is $146,278 as of December 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $137,828 and $155,808.

The average salary for a pharmacy tech varies depending on their experience level, education, certifications, employer type, and state or region where they live.


The industry where most pharmacy technicians can work are as follows:

·     Pharmaceutical industry

·     Pharmacies and Drug stores

·     Hospitals

·     General merchandise store

·     Grocery stores

·     The armed forces

·     Prisons

Pharmacy Technician Careers

Pharmacy technicians have endless career opportunities available.
·     With additional training, education, and experience, some pharmacy technicians advance into managers of retail pharmacies.
·     Pharmaceutical representatives.
·     Or even pharmacists.
·     They can go into management and leadership roles such as being responsible for the work of other pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants.
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